Bad Girl


Madonna’s music video for her under appreciated song “Bad Girl” may be my favorite from her body of work. The third single from 1992’s Erotica was released a month after her critically panned erotic thriller, Body of Evidence was released to select theaters.  The success of the song and video were modest to say the least, but the artist direction of both are stunning, thanks to writer/producer Shep Pettibone and director David Fincher.
The video (which Ellen Von Unwerth allegedly turned down to direct) shows a seemingly high powered female executive,  who loves a smokey room and has a penchant for one night stands with older affluent males.  Her character’s look is what captivated me most.  Pale skin, penciled in brows, a matte nude lip and bleached Gene Harlow hair that was topped off with a barrette….everything.  If more people put this much effort into their looks before going off to their finance job, or meeting a shallow stranger in a smokey bar, the world we live in today could be very different.  This bad girl is followed by an angel of death, played by Christoper Walken (why not?) who oversees her flirtations, scandals and mistakes before she has her final encounter that leads to her death.  ”Bad Girl” was a mini B/W film, and the fact that is was almost ignored by the US makes me love it even more.

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