Courtney Love…The Band


In the early 90’s Olympia, Washington music scene there were numerous young, cool and experimental bands that emerged and lasted for what now seems like seconds.  One of the most memorable for me was Courtney Love (not the singer…though I do love her too..)

Comprised of two members, Lois Maffeo and Pat Maley, this duo were in operation from 1989 to 1991.  They released three 7” records and were a staple on Olympia Washington music compilations. Courtney Love was a big college radio hit on a live compilation that showcased the K Records International Pop Underground Convention which was held at the Capitol Theater in August 1991.  Closely associated with some of the nosier acts from this epic music scene, Courtney Love was softer, and more teen crush than teen angst.  To me they were a mixture of The Softies and Beat Happening.

When my best friend Rachel Main and I had a radio show in High School at Bowdoin Collage’s WBOR, we would always play their song  “Don’t Mix The Colors”.   For this and many other reasons we were so much cooler than any of the kids we went to school with.


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