Good Taste Cost No More

Good Taste Costs No More!
I love the idea that one does not need to spend an excess of cash to have class. Money can buy very expensive things, a natural sense of style affords you respect and a (visually) beautiful life. Richard Gump’s book Good Taste Costs No More, was written way before Martha Stewart (whom I adore) and Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.  He showed his readers that you can create beauty out of what you already have and that common sense can actually be chic.
Below is an excerpt from its review in In The Saturday Review, on December 22, 1951 when the the book was then sold for $5.00.
***If anyone ought to know the inside story of the furniture business, it’s Richard Gump, the present head of the famous San Francisco store, and not the least entertaining chapter of “Good Taste Costs No More” deals with the tricks of the trade. This is, of course, an old story for Richard Gump to be telling; he warns us that “the public has never created a specific demand; it is fashioned by manufacturers, designers, artists, and art dealers.” Gump himself wouldn’t compare
 This is no manual, but a pamphlet of common sense for the average American who, likely as not, is baffled by the double-talk that passes for genuine advice in many a decorator’s salon. (W.A.)***

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