I Wear A Scrunchie…


I Wear A Scrunchie

Growing up in Brunswick, Maine, being gay and Jewish, it is safe to say that I  did not fit in.  My creative outlet was music and I became infatuated with the Riot Grrrl movement and most especially Ms. Kathleen Hanna.  The early 90’s movement was magical, liberating and made kids like me feel included in something.  As time progressed some of the pioneering bands broke up, they moved on to new projects and peruse other artistic endeavors.  These people could not be 21, angry and trying to make a name for themselves forever. Bands like Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney and Bratmobile were getting international recognition so things just changed…as they should.
In August, 1998 Kathleen Hanna released her first full length solo project, showcasing her persona, Julie Ruin.  The self titled gem was recorded in her home, and was the epitome of the lo-fi feminist aesthetic.  This was beyond Riot Grrrl, to me it defined the next chapter for so many of these artists.  It reminded me more of a New York art scene than Olympia Washington’s music community.
Julie Ruin was a feminist, but to me she was a witty, seductive voice that was fearless to make fun of the current cultural stupidity, but was also vulnerable enough to have a silly crush.
I always felt like Kathleen’s alter ego was a very unappreciated style icon, with her pencil waist thrift store skirts, rocking a high pony tail and a pair of vintage frames.
I am so excited that Kathleen has formed a full band version of Julie Ruin (http://thejulieruin.com/) with Kathi Wilcox, Sara Landeau, Carmine Covelli and Mr Kenny Mellman,  They have an album in the works.  Thank you and welcome back, Julie.

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