Lisa Lampanelli’s Next Chapter



One of the reasons why I have a blast hosting my web series Noah’s Arc on is that I get to ask questions that I really want to know about- successfully living in New York, having a career you love or just something my therapist hasn’t helped me understand yet.

This week I chatted with Lisa Lampanelli, who I have admired for quite sometime. In the public eye she has been controversial, outspoken and unstoppable, but in her real life she is sensitive, introspective and always working on herself.

Some call her the “Queen Of Mean,” and others call her the “Queen of Comedy Roasts,” but few know the real Lisa Lampanelli. We discussed her life following a dramatic weight loss, a not so public divorce, and the new direction her career has taken. Lisa shares how her unique comedic voice has evolved, and with it, her outlook on the world. Get ready, ’cause this woman is a legend.



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